Vom 13.07.2024
We are all coming from the north of Bremen:  Uwe Geffken, Winfried Machon and Frank Reisky who brought all together again. The band lives up to its name in every way: straightforward, dynamical and a real blues and rock. The way will show us where we end, a little of Jazz inside, a little funky influence can carry us into another atmosphere.
The width of the mainly self-composed songs ranges from pure blues in its very own band style to hit rock ballads, where the audience melts in the face of the voice of the frontman and guitarist, Winfried Machon, to hard rock songs with the steam that has characterized the 3-man band since its founding in 1986. The style, which is oriented to musicians of the 70s and 80s like Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, ZZTOP, Rory Gallagher, Stevie Raygh Vaughn, Luther and Bernard Allison  and other greats, is nevertheless not to be compared and comes along unspent. But do not worry, not all is old styled! We keep up the blues in our way, thinking in our beloved examples. We are open minded and play funky and even jazzy expressions.

When Winnie Machon simultaneously plays the guitar and alternates the vocals with his unmistakable harmonica playing, no wish is left unfulfilled for the die-hard blues and rock fan. The consistent rhythm section of Frank on drums and Uwe Geffken on bass give the band its special dynamic. Ralf, the forma baseman has left us just some weeks ago.  Both in small clubs and at parties, as well as at city festivals and other large stages, the band feels at home and gets their audience to bob along and dance. So, Rock'n Roll! And do not worry, we played on big events.  You can book us and find out Live !  
You can mail us here on that webpage under contact.

We have our own rehearsal room, called "Bluesbunker", it is equipped with its own PA and light show. After contact,  may be by mail, you can visit us during our practice there. 

So stay well, love and peace !! 
Uwe Geffken
Winni Machon
Guitar , Vocal and Blues Harp
Frank Reisky
Our Music
Our Music
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Dead and gone
Here's a set of hot ears coming soon.  Already made Gigs are deleted. If you click direct onto the event, you will find a link which gives you more information.

Blues Bunker
Blues Bunker
The Blues Bunker is at least our rehearsal room and over s short period it became a very well equipped studio, for making music and jammings. Here you can hold smaller events and meet for creative together. This bunker (studio) you can rent, prices and details will follow, please have a little patience and feel free to contact us.
We occasionally make our bunker available to other bands for the following use:
Live Location
Photo Shooting
Video Shooting
Audio Recording 
for details like prices etc. write us!
We are happy to answer your questions, inform you personally about gigs at the Blues Bunker or wherever and are also simply there for you. Write us an email,  you will get a personal and not automated answer. Dare... we only bite sometimes... when we feel like it.